Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Biggest Problem with Cityville

The game is engaging and the graphics are wonderful. My biggest complaint with the game, confirmed by other Players as well, is the poor Server interface. The game, like Gourmet Ranch, loses the connection with its server again and again. I seldom have a single uninterrupted session.

Zynga really needs to address this issue or players will abandon this rather promising game.

On 30 July, I still find that the server for Cityville is utterly inferior compared to other games. It surprises me that Zynga still has not addressed this issue successfully. It is NOT my browser that is at fault. Furthermore, the load time for the game is appallingly slow. This causes many players to lose interest.

Cityville has a lot of potential but if Zynga fails to improve its server and its load time, the game, despite its charm and complexity, will not be able to compete successfully with other Facebook games.

As of 10 August, the server remains hopelessly inferior to the game itself. It is vexing, to say the least.

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