Sunday, August 7, 2011

Building the City of your Dreams

CityVille may advertise itself as a place where you can 'build the city of your dreams' but in my own private vision, that definitely would NOT be a police state! Unfortunately, the more you upgrade your Police Station, the more forbidding and unfriendly it appears. At Level 1, it is the sort of place where you can imagine a local constable on duty who is helpful when a cat is lodged in a tree or a pocketbook is lost. After all, the police in CityVille are fueled entirely by doughnuts. Sweets does not equal Sweet disposition by any means, but somehow one does make the connection.

At Level 2, the Police Station becomes a little more dominant, but it still does not display a negative aspect to the ordinary law-abiding citizen who aspires to the position of Mayor. At Level 3, however, a huge rotating Searchlight appears on the roof of the Police Station. I for one found this rather appalling and wished I had kept the Police Station at a lower level.

I certainly have no intention of empowering the local Police any further. If necessary, I will attempt to demolish the structure and start over by purchasing a new Level 1 Police Station.